Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fabric, fabric, more fabric, and even more fabric.

I haven't been very productive this week as it's been too hot to sew.  However, I have more than made up for the lack of sewing in fabric purchases.  I got a tad bit carried away, was my birthday, and I deserved a treat, or two, or three....that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

First up is my first purchase from Connecting Threads.  A friend said there is no Canadian duty to pay.  And you if order $50 US or more online, shipping is only $7.99.

Of course, there had to be some orange.  I thought I'd try titanium needles as recommended by Scrapmaster -- I wanted to see what she loves about them.  I was disappointed with the brown fabric on the bottom.  It looked black online, but I was so very mistaken.  Oh well, lesson learned from ordering online.  The thread is $2.79 for 1,200 metres.  I've tried piecing with it this week, and I like it.  If it works as well with free-motion quilting, it may be my new thread choice.

If you look in the background, you'll see a quilt top on the design wall.  Stay tuned for the reveal.

Then I was playing around on Joann's website.  Why?  I don't know.  They don't ship to Canada so I didn't have a reason to be looking. But it was meant to be.  They were having a 50% sale on notions.  So a quick Facebook message to cousin A in Detroit to inquire if they were coming home to visit this summer.  As luck would have it, they were.  And so I quickly placed an order to be shipped to Detroit, and my gracious cousin brought my goodies when she came this week.

Basting spray is a minimum $16.99 for a small can here.  It was regular $12.99 at Joann's, so it was only $6.49 a can.  So four cans later.  And a new rotary cutter.

Happy Birthday to me!!

And then I remembered that my LQS gives 15% discount if you shop on your birthday.  So off to the store I go.

These lovely Kona half metres will be paired with some Kona pieces from my stash.  That's Papaya, Purple (although it does look blue), Kiwi, Cyan, Citrus, and Pewter.  I just keep adding to the list of things to make.  Think it's time to update my WIP list.

And my first purchase of Art Gallery fabric. is so very soft.  A quilt along I discovered at Fat Quarter Shop.  I wanted to try some new blocks.

And it continued to be a great birthday with a gift certificate from my boss.  LQS, here I come again!!

These will turn into Night Sky by Jaybird Quilts.  And to show QJ I'm learning my Kona names:  Leprechaun, Kiwi, Peapod, Sprout, Kumquat, Orange, Flame, Lipstick, Lilac, Crocus, Tulip, Surf, Water, Peacock, Pomegranate, Candy Pink, Carnation, Canary, Lemon, Sunny, and Papaya.  Sadly, they did not have Wisteria, Riviera, Bright Pink, or Black.  But one of the friendly clerks (who sadly knows me by name...okay, they all know me by name) is checking with their other locations to find the colours for me.  Thanks!!

No. More. Shopping.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Shweshwe Quilt Top is Done

I finished the Shweshwe quilt top!!  What a relief to have it finished.  The plan is to get it sandwiched and quilted over the weekend.

Shweshwe Quilt Top 

I don't name my quilts, but I think this one will be named.  I have no idea whatsoever what that name will be.  But I feel that since the fabric came all the way from South Africa (and it took a lot of searching to find the quilt shop) and contains 512 HST's, it deserves a name.

But the most exciting news of the week is that I met Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mably.  My quilt guild, Mariners Quilt Guild (plus Mahone Bay Quilters Guild and Mayflower Quilters Guild), hosted Kaffe Fassett (and Brandon Mably) for "Life in Colour: An Evening with Kaffe Fassett Lecture and Book Signing."

I had the privilege to pick them up at the airport.  That was so exciting, and I'm still on a high that I met them and had a conversation.  The lecture was informative and engaging.  We're hoping to bring them back next year for a workshop.

Brandon Mably, me, and Kaffe Fassett at the book signing 

But even more importantly, Brandon liked my orange quilt!!!  That's correct, it doesn't have a name other than orange quilt.

We had quilts displayed around the lecture hall.  Brandon said he liked the orange quilt over there, that he hadn't seen one with all orange.  After the initial shock, I proudly said, it's mine.  And after the lecture, he showed it to Kaffe.   I make things that I enjoy and don't care what others think, but it was exciting that someone of that caliber liked one of my quilts.  Now I feel this quilt needs a name, but oddly, Orange Quilt, seems to be the only thing that keeps coming to me.

If you have any thoughts on what I should call my quilts, please let me know.  I'd love to hear how you go about naming your quilts.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

They are Done!!!

Two years.  32 8.5-inch blocks.  16 HST's per block.  512 HST's in total.  My Shweshwe blocks are finally completed!  I bought the fabric in July 2012 when I visited South Africa.  You can read about Shweshewe fabric here.  Here are some of the blocks:

Shweshwe Blocks

I was super productive today at the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild Sew In today.  The day started with a mere 8 blocks completed, and the day ended with all 32 blocks completed.  Give this quilter a gold star.

I handed in my MMQG block for the new guild banner.  We received the fabric Thursday night.  Thinking that Linda would be the first to have her block completed, I made it a point to get my block done last night because I didn't want to be the last person to hand it in at the August meeting.  Imagine my surprise...I was the only one with a completed block today.  Give this quilter another gold star.

Block for MMQG Banner

Have been slowing moving out of my comfort zone and trying some new techniques such as improv piecing.

The Jawbreaker pillow looked lonely, so voila...another one.

Jawbreaker Pillows

Next week is another opportunity to continue making sewing a part of my regular routine.  We had a great discussion today at Sew In about quilters being identified as traditional, modern, etc.  Do what makes you happy.  That's my plan.  I'm a quilter...end identifier needed.  So give this quilter another gold star.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sewing is Soooooo Much More Fun Than Working

It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be to go back to work after a week's vacation.  But after three days of work, I've decided sewing is much more fun.  Sadly, I did not win the lottery with my Mahone Bay ticket, so it's back to work tomorrow.

But I have been productive this week.  I made a nametag for this week's Maritime Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  I went outside my comfort zone.  A little improv piecing, free motion quilting, and no pattern -- the horror.  Measuring in at 4.5 inches, it even has binding.  And yes, my name is written in Sharpie.  Sharpie is just as good as any embroidery.  And then I wimped out and just sewed on some fancy ribbon because I couldn't figure out the best way to put the strap on it.

My poor Singer has a pretty crappy sewn cover...and that's a long story that we'll skip for now.  I have been holding on to a few pieces of fabric for dear life.  Not that I have anything to coordinate with them, or have any plans for them.  So, I broke down and finally made a quilted sewing machine cover.  I've had the pattern printed for eons from Quilty Creations.  It was very difficult finding a pattern that included instructions on how to make a hole for the handle.  The only thing is that the pattern does not take into account that the top of the machine is narrower than the bottom, so the top is a little loose and doesn't sit properly, but I'm pleased with the results.  And yes, that's a pocket on the front.  And I got creative again and fashioned a cover for the handle to soften the handle (somewhat) -- the machine is quite heavy, and it's hard on the hand.

And then because she's just so cute, I had to make a little something for my goddaughter in Ontario.  I hope little T likes it.  It's a reversible apron with pockets on both sides.

I'm impressed how quickly it came together, and it only requires three fat quarters.  I found the pattern over at Moda Bake Shop.  Can't wait to get it in the mail to her. 

Well, it's time to get to bed and get rested for another day of work.  It's another Sew In with Maritime Modern Quilt Guild on Saturday.  I need to decide what project I will work on.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Finish Friday...the end of Vacation Productivity

It's been an awesome week of vacation.  I went to see the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo with Eastern Passage Girl Guides on Tuesday.  And I sewed every day this week.  I can't believe the week has gone by so fast.  I'm trying not to think that Monday is only two days away -- I don't want to go back to work -- I want to continue to sew!!!  I'm hoping that the lottery ticket I purchased in Mahone Bay yesterday is a winner tomorrow night -- then I can stay home and sew every day.

I finished the second baby quilt -- the other half of the original plus quilt (see here on how one quilt became two).  Once the label is sewn on, it will be delivered.



I discovered the Aurifil thread works great on my machine -- but I had to use a 70/10 needle and double the usual tension.  The thread did not break using this size needle, except when I first started quilting and that might have been because I was going a tad too fast.  I am pleased with the results.  I would like to try to 40wt but can't seem to find it around here.

I also made two pillow using Jaybird Quilts Candy Dish pattern.

As you can see, today's photos were taken in the middle of the peony bushes.  It was a bit of a gray day, but I think I managed to capture the colours quite well.

Today, I whipped up a Jawbreaker pillow from Jaybird Quilts.

And finally...a new ironing board cover.  I fit the new one (including a piece of batting) right over the old one.  I went bright and cheery.  And although I steered away from my favourite orange, there is orange in the print -- I couldn't resist.

It's not easy getting a good photo of an ironing board, but you can see that it's bright.

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