Sunday, March 15, 2015

I. Hate. Snow.

Winter is not my friend.  And today, shovelling snow interfered with my quilting plans.  I knew the snow was coming, but didn't expect so much.  I couldn't open the back door, and the snow banks were very high.  So I called in Nephew to come help.  Luckily he's 6-feet tall so he was able to climb over the fence to the backyard (because the gate is still frozen shut from our many storms this winter) to shovel out the back door.  If I have to shovel any more, I'm running away!

The last few days, I've been working on another wall hanging for my sewing room.

I was disappointed with the quilt labels I purchased on Etsy, so decided to try the labels from Sew Fresh Quilts.  They arrived this week, and I am very pleased.

Finally stop procrastinating and ordered Fox and Friends from Lorna over at Sew Fresh Quilts.  Who knew it was so easy to order and download a digital pattern.  I had to shop at two quilt shops to get all the glorious Kona colours I needed.  Fabric is washed and ironed, and I can't wait to start cutting and sewing.

The calendar says Spring is just around the corner.  I hope Mother Nature got the message...there is no more room in my yard for more snow.


  1. I love your wallhanging for your sewing room! And I am with on regarding the snow. Enough already! Can't wait for spring!

  2. Great wall hanging! You are going to have so much fun with your foxes!

  3. But then again, you`re not really a fan of summer either with all that pesky grass and hot, humid days! T Good job on your Anja wallhanging... I see Vall has made an improv-er out of you!

  4. I love the wall hnging, Anja! Orange? What a surprise he he he.


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