Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Bee Round Robin

Earlier this spring, my Bee decided to do a round robin project.  There are only five of us in the Bee, one of whom is Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge.

We each created a 8-inch square centre.  There were no rules other than the maximum border you could add was 4 inches.  The plan was to exchange on a monthly basis, but we had to delay a few times due to scheduling problems.

This was a blind round robin, so once we submitted our box, we didn't see our project again until the reveal last week.

So I had to be difficult one, and my centre was about 10 x 12 inches.  And definitely not a square.  Good thing my Bee mates like me.  LOL

Mine finishes about 33 inches.  And I love it!  I thought the hard part was figuring out what to add as I received each project.  I was wrong...I have no clue on how to quilt mine or what colour thread to use.

This is Jenn's project.  She started with the blue wonky star.  Next added was the green border.  I added the yellow stars.  Then some colourful wonky triangles were added.  And finally some more wonky triangles for the outer border.

This is Nancy's project.  Jenn added the first white border with paper pieced bat and cat.  Ann added the black border with spider web.  Karel got creative and added the orange border with 3D witch hat and witch legs, and I finished off with the green border.

This is Ann's project.  Nancy added the yellow border with paper pieced flower corners.  That creative Karel added the 3D wavy border.  I felt there was a lot going on, and on the advice of Dena @ No Frickin' Blog Yet, I added the simple pink and green border -- trying to pull out the pink and green from the earlier paper pieced flowers.  And then the black border to tie it all together.

This is Karel's project.  I extended her HST centre to create some wonky arrows.  Someone added the matching triangles, followed by the green and purple border.  And then the final border with corner accents.

Both Nancy's and my projects were the same size, and the others were only several inches smaller.  It was a fun project, and I liked that we didn't get to see our projects until they were finished.  Now we need to think of another project we can work on in the new year.  Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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  1. Wow, so much creativity! Looks like a challenging, yet fun project! I just love that second border add on to yours!

  2. The witch's legs are a scream! I especially like yours and Jenn's.
    Round robins are such fun and creative things to do. They really get you thinking as you decide what to add at each round, don't they? I miss the one I took part in.

  3. they are all very unusual and very creative. I like all of them

  4. I'm so glad you shared how all the projects came together. I love the bright, bold colors and high contrast in yours. I'd be tempted to use a black thread for some dense quilting in the negative space and possibly do minimal quilting or none with matching orange thread in the other colored areas to let them continue to stand out.

  5. Wow! You're group had a ton of fun with this - they are all very creative and fun quilts! Thanks so much for sharing these on Midweek Makers - I've enjoyed seeing them!

  6. I've always wanted to do a round robin. What a fun experience! I love yours. The first addition to your center is perfect!

  7. I really like yours! It reminds me of mosaic work. What if you quilted it with black thread in the black areas and allowed the colors to pop up? Those arrows at the end are very nice too.

  8. They are all so fantastic! I love that it was blind round robin...the suspense must have been killing all of you :)

  9. There may only be five of you but you're all incredibly creative. Loving all the results.

  10. Wow! All the projects look so unique! Seems like a very fun swap.

  11. I love seeing these all displayed here! I like the final reveal at the end too; however it was pretty neat have a surprise each month as we worked on ours over the summer. Wow, are there ever some fabulous techniques here; my favourite is the 3D witch legs and hat!! Makes me glad I kept the Judy Murrah Jazz It Up book from forever ago, as it has tons of 3D ideas. As for quilting on yours, I'd extend the red and orange 'frames' with quilting lines, and put the same size circles inside, as well as on the existing red and orange frames, maybe do some ghost triangles as well. Use variegated thread! Isn't it funny that a group of your friends was doing mini round robins at the same times as our group was! Great fun.

  12. They look great! We're coming to the end of our Round Robin and it has certainly been a challenge - was the 4" to be added a blessing or a restriction? Ours has no size limit and some are getting quite big!


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