Thursday, September 28, 2017

Review of Paperless Post Invitations

In partnership with Anagram Interactive, I was given an opportunity to do a review for Paperless Post.  I was given free coins to play around the site and to provide a review.  Please note that this is my honest review based on my experience.

There are many, many invitations that you can send for free through Paperless Post.  Some of the free invitations do have options that have a fee (such as an envelope).  And there are also some invitations that have a fee to send.

Let me start by saying that I did not bother to read the Getting Started Step-By-Step tutorial -- I just wanted to jump right in and get started.  How hard could it be? 😉  I created a draft but then I couldn't find it.  But if I had just taken the time to read or think (clearly patience is not one of my virtues), I would have found it in my Dashboard.  Even drafts that you delete stay in your Trash folder until you permanently delete them.  Very helpful.

Once you chose one of the many, many options, you can customize the text, the font -- the possibilities are endless.

Here's the invite for our staff Halloween breakfast.

I wanted to play with all the features, so I included an envelope, which cost 2 coins per envelope.  I did not include a customized stamp.

You can type in the e-mail addresses for invitees, or you can upload, or copy and paste.  I went out on faith:  I created an e-mail and included all the invitees from our Address Book in the To line.  I copied from the To line and pasted into the guest list.  Lo and behold, it worked!!  I will note though, that if your Address Book lists people as lastname, firstname, their invitation will be addressed accordingly.  I did discover after the fact that I could have changed that in my guest list.  I'll remember that next time.  I also forgot to include a few people.  It was easy to update my guest list and send out the additional invitations.

Before you send your invitation, you can preview it.  And make changes.  And preview.  And make more changes.  And there is an option to send yourself a test invitation.  I believe you can only do this once, but it's helpful to see what your guests are actually receiving.  As I was customizing my invitation, I kept wondering, how would it look.  The preview is helpful, but I wanted to see it in real time.

If you choose an envelope, the front of the envelope appears in the body of the e-mail the invitee receives.  There is a box that says:  View the Card.   You then see the back of the envelope, with the invitation poking out.  And then the invitation pops out of the envelope and displays on the screen.  Guests can choose to accept or decline.  They can also see the guest list.

As the sender, I received an e-mail confirming that the invitation had been sent out.  One thing I did like was that I did not get an e-mail with each reply.  Instead, you log in to your Dashboard to view the invitation to see all the responses.

I have to say I am very excited about Paperless Post, and I can't wait to design the invitation to my 50th birthday party.  But maybe I'll wait until the new year -- 10 months out is probably a bit too early to sent invitations.  😃

I encourage you to head over to Paperless Post to take a look.  There are also greeting cards, thank you cards, and stationery.  Have fun.


  1. I use Paperless Post and think it's a really cool service! :)

  2. Vert interesting, will check this out.

  3. Sounds really cool! I'm going to check this out because with 6 kids and a bunch of grand-kids on the way, there's always some kind of party going on over here! :-)

  4. This sounds like a really cool service, thanks for highlighting it.


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