Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

My apologies...I neglected to announce the winner of my giveaway back in July.  But there's a story (keep reading).  The winner was comment #17 by Izzy.  The patterns have been mailed to Izzy.

My first thought was to name my new Singer Featherweight after one of my grandmothers -- either Ida or Mary.  I was leaning toward Ida (my dad's mother), but I don't recall her sewing.  In the middle of July, while attending a family funeral in my dad's hometown, I made a shocking discovery.  Here's the gist of the conversation with my mother at my grandmother's old house:

Mom:  Do you want Granny's old sewing machine?
Me: Yes!!  (said quickly and loudly)
Mom:  You'll have to ask Tyson (my brother) for it.
Me:  Why?  (as I'm wondering how it is I'm just learning about said sewing machine)
Mom:  It belongs to Tyson.
Me:  Ummm....what??  How????  What????
Mom:  It was willed to him.

At this point, I'm beyond speechless.  My grandmother passed away 37 years ago, when my brother was only a few months old.  I'm the oldest.  I'm a girl.  Why didn't I get the sewing machine?  And why has it been sitting around under cover for 37 years????

A few days later, I ask my brother if I can have it.  He's given it to me on the condition that if he ever wants it back, I have to return it, but that he doesn't think he'll want it.  Fair enough.  So before I can tell my mother that I have approval, I get a call from her saying she and dad are en route home (the sewing machine is three hours away), and they are bringing me the sewing machine.'s been in hiding for 37 years, but now, all of a sudden, it's urgent to deal with it.  Of course, I wasn't home, so the machine was left in my shed.  It is a Singer treadle.  Yeah!!  But now it sits in the shed waiting for some help bringing it into the house.

So the dilemma is, do I call the Singer treadle Ida after my grandmother?  But dad says he doesn't recall her ever sewing or how the machine came to be in the house.  And what do I call the Singer Featherweight?  I think I shall ponder some more.

Exciting news -- Robert Kaufman has 37 new Kona colours!!  ♥ ♥ 

But the sad part (not really) is that I have been collecting all the 303 colours, with the goal to use all 303 colours in projects.  I finally picked up the final colours back in June.  I was working on a plan to start using them all....and then this news.  I'm excited for new colours, but now I have to continue collecting.

I hope to get my Kona page updated soon with all the colours I have used to date.  I need to organize my colours into ones that I have already used and ones that I haven't.

Not a lot of sewing going one.  My busy spring at work has transitioned into a busy summer.  But I've made a list of WIPs (and wish list projects), and I'm going to make an effort to make my way through the list in the coming months.


  1. how good to have the old treadle hope it is soon installed in your home and you are using it. I have a featherweight that I called Pearl remember the song Pearl the singer! I rather like that you call the treadle Ida after your granny. I have also just bought a janome 8900 with money Mum left me when she passed away in 2006 so have called her Fiona after Mum so she joins Heidi my bernina and Pearl, also have an embellishing machine but no name for her and an old new home that I am giving to my janome man for spare parts

  2. Ahh machine naming my 15-90 Singer is unnamed and I've had her a few months. I really suck at naming anything so no help here.

  3. how neat to get a treadle machine - how odd that she left it to your brother and that your dad doesn't remember her ever using it - maybe he wasn't paying attention to busy with "manly" things? I never name my machines but that is me. I'm sure you will come up with something good - have fun with it - my grandma had a treadle, I haven't a clue whatever happened to it - I asked my aunt and she didn't know either wish it was still in the family

  4. How weird is that sewing machine history? But exciting that you get to have/use it. And good luck with the last of the Konas. How much of each colour do you have?

  5. I am so excited by the new Kona color news. I had been wondering if they were just going to go a few years with the Kona color of the year and then add them permanently in or what... now I guess I have my answer. And how interesting about your grandmother's machine. I'd be tempted to name the machine from her after her. But that does mean you need a name for the Featherweight.

  6. They knew you were collecting and added new colors on purpose. But it's all good - gives you more to play with.

  7. Our parents do their best to keep our lives interesting, don't they? But, heck! Lucky YOU!

  8. My grandmother's middle name is Ida! Did the sewing machine belong to Mary if Ida did not sew? Or was it Ida's and she simply never used it? I too am puzzled by the decision to will it to your brother! I bet your brother is too. :)
    I still have my 1926 Singer (not treadle, hand cranked), which was the first sewing machine of my own. I do not think I will ever part with it. I recommend getting yours serviced to make sure it is all in good working order after years of disuse.

  9. Definitely Ida . And funny my late mother in laws mother was a great sewer . And her treadle machine went to her son , my mother in laws brother . Said machine malingered and still malingers in his garage . Go figure


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