Wednesday, February 26, 2020

QuiltCon Austin - The Workshops

I finally attended my first QuiltCon, and it did not disappoint!!  I hope to attend QuiltCon 2021 in Atlanta and QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix.  Time to start saving money.  😉

Today's post is about the workshops I attended.

EQ8 for Beginners - Cheryl Brickey (Meadow Mist Designs)

I have had EQ8 for over a year, but really didn't have an idea how to use it correctly.  Cheryl was an awesome instructor, and I learned a lot.  If you want to learn EQ8, I highly recommend her workshop.

I've already designed a small quilt.  I wanted to try something simple to practice using the features I learned from Cheryl.  I've printed off both rotary cutting instructions and paper piecing templates.

1 Curve, 100s of Ideas - Jen Carlton Bailey (Betty Crocker Ass)

I purchased Jen's curve template set, and they are a great tool.  We learned both a single and double curve.

We also learned a double curve (but not following the path of the previous curve) and a half circle.

And then Jen showed us how to make a full circle.  Another workshop I highly recommend.

Block Printing on Fabric - Pantera Saint-Montaigne (Brooklyn Mojo)

The hardest part of this workshop was creating a design.  I love block printing!!

I sacrificed my pencil (sorry eraser) to add a centre to my flowers.  And yet another workshop that I recommend.

High Contrast Hand Quilting - Riane Menardi Morrison (Riane Elise)

I think I'm starting to like hand piecing/quilting.  Oh my...did I say that??  LOL  This was another great workshop.

I have finished all the lines I marked, but I'm going to add something extra between the lines.

With the exception of my laptop for the EQ8 workshop, I didn't need to bring a lot of supplies for my workshops.  When travelling a long distance with only one checked bag, it was a relief not to have to bring a lot of stuff.  I will definitely keep this in mind when selecting workshops in the future.

Thanks to the Modern Quilt Guild for hosting such a great event.  Also great thanks to the many volunteers who make this event happen.



  1. It looks like you had some great classes. Do you have plans for the block printings you made?

  2. Glad you had so many successful workshops! It was nice seeing you there!

  3. I love the block printing you did! It sure seems like you had a blast and I'm very jealous, lol :)

  4. Looks like great classes! I'm planning on Atlanta 2021.

  5. Wow, you took a lot of workshops! They all sound really great, though, and a super diverse range of skills. So happy I got to meet you and say hi between all of your workshop fun!

    1. It was so wonderful to meet you Kitty, hopefully we will get to see you again sometime.

  6. I knew you would like handstitching, it is so relaxing!

    I wonderful time again as we continue collecting '#AnjaandDenasexcellentadventures'!

  7. You took some great classes. I bought the Betty Crockerass templates so I need to make up that class following her directions one day. I love your printing, too! You really did great getting so many classes in!

  8. Sounds like a super fun lineup of workshops! So glad you had a good time.

  9. It looks like you chose your workshops well; they are all versatile skills that you can apply in lots of different way. The curves look perfect!


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