Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another Successful Sew Day

Today was sew day with Maritime Modern Quilt Guild.  It's always a dilemma on what projects to take, and I always bring too many. Today was no exception.  I bought several projects with me, but didn't finish them all.  It was so hot today that it was difficult to sew.  It seems that summer is trying to hang on for just a little while longer.  And I'm okay with that!

Here are two commissioned baby quilts that were finished today.

Chevron #1

Chevron #2

I ran into Baby T (not really a baby, but at the time there were two T's, and we had to distinguish them somehow) yesterday and learned that he has a new baby.  Unfortunately, he was two weeks' premature.  So what to do?  A baby quilt of course.  Baby M needs all the love and encouragement he can get.  This quilt will be delivered tomorrow.

Elizabeth Hartman's pattern:  Charm Squares

I enjoyed making this quilt and will likely make it again.  Elizabeth Hartman has some great patterns.  Head over to Oh Fransson to check them out.

Yesterday was the celebration of life for E, who lived life fully every day.  Just a reminder that tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  Enjoy life while you have time.


  1. You're a baby quilt makin' machine, Anja! Lookin' good!

  2. I can't believe those babies are already done. That's awesome, Anja. I really like those chevron quilts, I never did take a good look at them on Saturday. As for the one below, I can say the colours are even nicer in person!


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