Saturday, September 20, 2014

Show Off Saturday: The Baby Showers Edition

My quilt bee friend QJ, otherwise known as Jenn over at A Quarter Inch from the Edge, is expecting twins.  She is also a Girl Guide, so her Guiding friends hosted a baby shower.

It was difficult to decide what to make, but I finally decided on chevron quilts with sea creature fabric.

Quilts for Double Trouble

And then on Thursday, one of our quilt bees hosted another baby shower.  Two showers, two babies....two gifts needed of course.  But what to make?  I remembered I had some PUL fabric, so two changing pads.  Thanks to QB for the pattern.  Waterproof is always a good idea with babies.

Waterproof changing pads

I love these ducks and monsters.  I think a tote bag made with the monsters is next on the project list.

It's that time of the month for The Library Project update.  I finally quilted my postage stamp quilt.  The pattern is from Oh Fransson.

Postage Stamp Pattern

One more quilt to finish, and then I will have completed The Library Project.  I'm off two days next week, so I'm going to tackle this last quilt.  I have been procrastinating on this one because it's 85-inches square, and I'm going to do free motion quilting.  I had been feeling very overwhelmed on the amount of quilting to be done and the size of the quilt, but some encouragement this week from QJ has convinced me to get it done.

Since it's Saturday, showing off about my finishes this week and linking up with Sew Can She.

 What are you showing off about this week?


  1. Awesome job Anja! Jenn's quilts are sweet. I love the postage stamp one too-so many little squares! Looks great.

  2. Nice photo of the Critters' quilts!!

    What happened to diagonals on the postage stamps??

  3. Great job on the quilts! I love the changing pad idea. Did you buy the fabric they use for making diapers? I would like to make a changing pad sometime. Fantastic job on postage stamps :)

  4. Too much goodness in one post, girl! Love the chevron quilts for the twins. And that postage stamp quilt is awesome!

  5. Awesome Anja! The baby quilts you made are sooooo sweet! Love them. and great idea with the changing pads. They will definitely come in handy and be well used. Your postage stamp is gorgeous and hooray for you on keeping up with the challenge.

  6. Anja thanks so much for keeping up with the Library challenge! I am in love with your postage stamp quilt! and those chevrons were the perfect choice!

  7. Love the sea creatures in the zig zag. Really like the postage quilt - love that you are nearly there on the Library - I've one in WIP and 2 not yet started, doesn't look like I'm going to make it!

  8. The quilts for the twins are adorable! And your postage stamp quilt is awesome. I love the greens and pinks together.

  9. The fabrics for the baby gifts, are adorable. I especially love the monsters. When you start to quilt your library quilt, just take it one block or section at a time. I find that focusing on small steps instead of the whole project, makes it feel more doable and less overwhelming.


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