Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sew Day with the Squares

Another great sew day with the Squares today.  Sadly QB couldn't join us.  But I bet she had lots of fun snuggling with her grandson.

QJ over at A Quarter Inch from the Edge made some great fabric storage bins a few weeks ago.  I really liked them and thought it would be a great way to use some of the orange and green fabric I bought in South Africa.  I finished one and then ran out of fusible interfacing.

Our LQS was out of stock of the weight of interfacing I needed (we always go out for lunch and a trip to our LQS on sew day), so a quick stop at another fabric store on my way home.  And then finished storage bin #2.

I also finished the two baby quilts tonight that had been in the QPP.  Just under the wire, as the baby shower is my place.  Stay tuned for the reveal. 

The September meeting of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild was this past week, and we had a zippered pouch exchange. Make and bring a pouch, receive a pouch.  I forgot to take a photo of the pouch I made with laminated fabric, but here is the great pouch I received from Scrapmaster.

Thanks, Linda.  I love it!

Decisions, decisions, I stay up late to do the housework I didn't do tonight because I was sewing?  Or do I get up early and clean like a crazy lady before everyone arrives?  Maybe a little tidying up and then a hot bubble bath.  If I do housework tonight, then I'll feel like I can sew in the morning, and then there will be thread and bits of fabric everywhere, and then I'll have to clean again.

I hope you had some fun sewing today.


  1. Have fun today and can't wait to see the quilt you made. So glad you like your pouch. Now you have something I made, and I have something you made. I use my skinny pincushion all the time. love it! Great fabric baskets. Maybe that would make a good swap item for the guild!

  2. I love those fabric baskets. What a great way to showcase fabrics you love... use it on something you will see every day! As for your dilemma, when choosing between sewing and housework, the answer is always sewing!

  3. fabric baskets are just so useful! I love the colourful fabrics

  4. I love the colours/fabrics you chose for the bins. They're stunning. Lucky you, getting a pouch from Linda.


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