Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throwback Thursday - The Ugly Version

The Mahone Bay Quilters Guild hosted a workshop by Marianne Hatton in 2013.  The workshop was open to non-guild members, so I decided to register.  The day-long workshop was entitled:  It Takes Two...Triangles that is.

I should known it would end up being an interesting day when I spent most of the hour-long drive to Mahone Bay in complete fog.  It was so foggy that I missed the exit to get onto the highway -- I could barely see in front of me.  The fog didn't lift until shortly before before Mahone Bay -- when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a huge 18-wheeler directly behind me.  I hit the gas pedal so hard, I thought my foot would go through the floor.

The requirement was for 12 fabrics:  6 of two different colours, in a range from very light to very dark.  The workshop was an exploration in design options and colour interaction.

Each fabric was cut into 6 large triangles and 30 small triangles.  Purple and green were my two colours.  The large triangle and 5 small triangles of purple fabric #1 were paired with each large triangle and 5 small triangles of the 6 green fabrics.  Then the large triangle and 5 small triangles of purple fabric #2 were paired with each of the green fabrics.  And so on until all 6 purple fabrics were paired with all 6 green fabrics.

I added borders in an attempt to make this poor quilt was not a success.  It sits in the pile as I have no clue what to do with it.

Even in the shadows, it's still ugly.

You've now seen the good and the ugly of my Throwback Thursday quilts.  Now to find a bad one to showcase.

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  1. Look at you telling a story with your quilt! And no one has ever thought it was as ugly as you say it is! :) I promise that next month I will take on the ugly... maybe.

  2. Oh Anja, I would never call that an ugly quilt! It looks like sunlight reflecting off of rippling water. Maybe you would be happier if you appliqued something to it? I could see some bright, light green lily pads, ala Monet.

  3. I've always loved green and purple together. I would never call this quilt ugly. It looks like a great quilt to snuggle with. I have a quilt I made last year that I let my husband pick the fabric out for and I thought it was one of the ugliest things I have made. So anytime someone tells me how much they love the colors I'm just like really?? Why?? Thanks for sharing your quilt. Can't wait to see your next throwback.

  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you do not like it, why not donate it? I bet someone will be a huge purple fan and love it to bits.

  5. I really like the last picture, with the sunshine on the fabrics. I agree that if you truly don't like it, donate it. But I think the design is very interesting and the problem with the workshop might have been that you didn't know what to expect of how the fabrics would be paired. I wonder whether you'd enjoy making another now that you know what it will look like. I would bet that you could even use the same colors but maybe more contrasting fabrics.

  6. I think it has a different kind of effect to it. It goes from light to dark which has a really neat effect to it. It looks quite cool. If you really dislike it that much, I would say donate it. A charity would gladly accept it and could sell tickets on it.


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