Friday, December 15, 2017

TGIFF - More Zippered Pouches

I'm making progress with my FAL 2017 Q4 goals.  This is the second of three zippered pouch kits.  So far, the first kit of skeleton pouches is my favourite pattern.  Here are the two additional pouches I was able to make with the leftover fabric.

I love the three prints from this kit; however, I did not like the pattern.  This is the smallest size.  You can see the bottom is saggy.  The lining fabric was shorter than the exterior fabric.  The fusible interfacing was ironed to the lining fabric, not the exterior as the norm. Again that meant the exterior was saggy.  But I suspect the reason for that is the inside pockets (see below for photo).

The zipper ends are quite sloppy and unattractive.  I had prepped all the pieces for all three sizes in an assembly line fashion.  Rather than taking apart what was sewn, I cut off fabric from the exterior so it matched the length of the lining.  But that meant losing a lot of the great paisley print on the bottom.

Here are the inside pockets.  I like the concept of pockets, but not a necessity in my mind.

As I was finishing pouch #3, I realized what the problem was.  When sewing the three prints to form the exterior, I should have used a 1/2-inch seam.  If the pattern had indicated what the finished size of the panel was supposed to be, I would have realized before it had become a problem.

Here are the three sizes.

The skeleton pouch pattern uses zipper tabs, and I really like that.  That will be my new go-to pattern, along with Open Wide Zippered Pouch by Noodlehead.

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  1. Very nice pouches, I really like having pockets in a pouch, it helps everything from getting mixed up in the bottom of the bag.

  2. The colours are so nice! And I agree with Cheryl - pockets are kind of neat! :-)

  3. I like the colours of these! I also agree that the inside pockets will be useful.

  4. Being quilters, it can be hard to re-adjust thinking about what a seam allowance is when sewing up other patterns. I know that the first bag pattern I followed said to use 1/2" seam allowance and I marched along with my 1/4" allowance until I, too, realized the sizing wasn't going to work out...

  5. Too bad the pattern wasn't really what you wanted, but the fabrics sure are pretty :)

  6. I haven't mastered the zipper tab thing yet. Glad that you've found what really works for you!

  7. Zippers are not my friend. I have installed them many times and each time I encounter a new issue. I haven't found a go-to pattern yet.


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