Friday, March 25, 2022

TGIFF - Double Friendship Knots Pillow

I recently took a workshop with Sheri @ Whole Circle Studio -- Double Friendship Knots.  I almost didn't register because although I was interested in learning needle-turn applique, I wasn't interested in the paper piecing part of the workshop.

I learned that Sheri uses starch on her fabrics when paper piecing.  I had to leave the first session early (the session was the day after my roof was damaged in a rain/wind storm), so I didn't hear that she only uses starch if the paper piecing is then used for something else such as applique.   But I have done a few small paper pieced projects since then and have found that the starched fabric made it easier.  So win for me.

I had to move into a temporary apartment while repairs are being done to my house, so I only had limited sewing tools with me.  I had to use the blunt scissors from my first aid kit to cut out the paper pieced templates.  Out came my inner Girl Guide -- use your resources wisely.  LOL

I turned my piece into a 20-inch pillow.  This is a rainy/foggy view from the balcony of my temporary apartment.

These are the paper pieced knots before they were appliqued onto the background fabric -- Kona Storm.

I attempted to FMQ on my Singer Featherweight.  I had some trouble, so I had to sneak back into my house to finish the FMQ on my domestic Singer.

I have always hated hand work, but over the years, I have learned and embraced EPP, hand piecing, big stitch hand quilting (my favourite), and now applique.  I used Wonderfil InvisaFil 100wt.  Can you tell that I used brown thread?  InvisaFil is so fine, it just melts into the fabric.

I am looking forward to my next applique project.

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  1. These days when you say a technique is not something you love, I rather expect to see you needing to use a lot of it for some upcoming projects, haha. The knots look wonderful and I really love how they twine together.

  2. Hi Anja, what a gorgeous pillow. Good luck with the repairs on your home!

  3. Beautiful pillow! Good luck with the house!

  4. Look at you embracing new techniques! You are well on your way to loving paper piecing.. right?

  5. Love your new pillow ! You will look at it every day and be reminded of how resourceful you are under duress! Best of luck with your house.

  6. I just love your pillow and I want to make one now - it would go so well with my (our haha) flying geese pillow! I will remember that starching tip; I love paper-piecing since I learned the not-sewing-through-the-paper method from Joanne at Canuck Quilter.

  7. What a cute finish! It looks great, Anja!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this pillow!!!! SEW pretty!

  9. I really love this design and what you did with it! Funny that you snuck into your house to finish it. It is just the right piece from a workshop - enough to explore and learn.


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