Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 Project To-Do List

The to-do list keeps growing...and growing...and growing -- I forgot about the unfinished projects from 2014....

Carry Over WIP's:

  • five charity quilts (two are sandwiched and ready to quilt; three need to be sandwiched and then quilted)
  • four quilts in various stages of being pieced that I take to Sew Ins
  • quilt-as-you-go pillows that I am not enjoying -- I hate to waste fabric, but I'm thinking of tossing this WIP and trying another QAYG pillow project.
  • Gray Square Scramble - not sure know how to quilt - Would love to hear your suggestions.

Now on to the new 2015 list:

Projects Already Started:

Projects to Start:
  • Night Sky from Jaybird Quilts - fabric needs to be cut and then start piecing
  • Radiant Star (or Lone Star) - need to calculate fabric requirements and find fabric
  • Plus Quilt - need a few more coordinating fabrics
  • Kona Sunset Charm Squares - need to decide on a pattern
  • Quilt of Valour project
  • Fox and Friends from Sew Fresh Quilts - need to purchase the pattern
  • Debby Kratovil's Block of the Month 2015 - I'm drawn to this, so might give it a try.

Miscellaneous Projects:

I'm sure more items will be added throughout the year as I see new projects that I MUST try.  I may not finish everything on this list, but I'm okay with that.  The list is to keep me focused and on track.

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  1. Anja love your grey square. I would just quilt outlining the squares! Stopping by from WIP Wednesday.

  2. I love the grey squares quilt - maybe a stipple in the grey and then outline the coloured squares?

  3. Visiting from Let's Bee Social. Love the gray square scramble: the colors, the placement! I never know when to echo straight lines and when to contrast with curves. Off center concentric circls would do a nice job of the latter. Some kind of pencil quilting with an angle in it could do the former. claire aka knitnkwilt

  4. Oh! The gray square scramble quilt is on my really-want-to-make-one-! list :) What about wavy horizontal lines across all the white area, either crossing into the small squares or leaving them open, and something circular-based in the gray areas? Just the first thought that popped up. You can lay some clear vinyl or plexiglass over the quilt top and draw in some quilting lines with dry-erase markers to see what you do or don't like for it. (Just be careful not to let the dry-erase ink get on fabric)

  5. Love the gray quilt. Very striking. You will be busy this year with that list.

  6. Phew! That's a long list, Anja! I think you should FMQ in the white and the grey to make the colours pop!

  7. Love your Gray Square Scramble!
    And that list is impressive!

  8. You are one gutsy lady to make lists like that!
    That Gray Square Scramble is fantastic, and as I like to use contrasting quilting patterns I could imagine concentric circles might be nice.....

  9. What a gorgeous top! Gotta love those solids! You go girl!

  10. I am exhausted from reading your list! My suggestion for the gray squares quilting is to do "square" stipple or loops. Not sure what they are called...


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