Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Project List

I've been working on my list of projects that I want to complete in 2016.  It's been a difficult process -- I finally decided to let some projects go as I have discovered other projects that I like more and have realized that I cannot make everything I see.  I also know that I will start other projects throughout the year as I discover them and as a need for a gift arises.

Quilt Projects:

There are 12 projects that I want to will complete.  Fabric is washed and pulled for all but one of the projects.

1.   Floored - the block I designed for the Fabri-Quilt New Quilt Block Blog Hop

2.   Mystery Quilt by Cheryl @ Meadow Mist Designs

3.   Giraffe Love by Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts

4.   Zebra Z by Lorna @ Sew Fresh Quilts

5.   Tilted by Brianna @ The Iron and Needle

6.   Which Way by Moda Fabrics

7.   Inside Out by Allison @ Cluck Cluck Sew

8.   Transparency by Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl

9.   Notched by Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl
10.    Michael Miller Challenge hosted by Modern Quilt Guild - I did not complete this in 2015 by the deadline.

11.    Triangle Quilt hosted by Modern Quilt Guild - Another challenge I did not complete by the deadline in 2015.
12.    Postcard from Sweden by Jeliquilts


I am going to attempt to make clothes this year.

1.  Blazer - Kwik Sew 3918

2.  Washi Dress by Made by Rae

Monthly Quilting Clubs:

Continuing with my attempt to move outside of my comfort zone, I joined several monthly quilting clubs.

1.  Modern HST Sampler hosted by Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts

2.  Mighty Lucky Quilting Club hosted by Lucky Spool

4.   Birthday Bonus Club - A Facebook group where the Birthday Queen receives 50  2.5-inch squares from all participants during her birthday month.

Quilt Tops:

I also have 9 quilt tops that need to be quilted (two are test patterns that I blogged about here and here; one is my Night Sky quilt that I still haven't decided on how to quilt; and the others I made over the Christmas break that I haven't blogged about yet).


  1. Anja, This is insane! seriously, quilting makes us happy, so I guess with your huge list of happy things, you win! So. Many. Projects. And so organized, too. I can't believe you have all the fabric already picked out for all but one. Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful quilts that are going to come out of your studio!

  2. What an ambitious list of projects. I am curious about what you though of the first month of the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club.

  3. Good luck with your list - I'm excited to see a few of my patterns made by you! :)

  4. This is a great list, very organized!

  5. Busy, busy in your craft room - love that you are going to make some clothes too!

  6. Such a great list! You're super organized too, already having fabric pulled and washed. I'm planning on doing Yvonne's Notched pattern too, how cool! My MIL gifted me a subscription to the Lucky Spool quilting club, which I'm pretty excited about. What did you think about the first month?

  7. That's a lot of quilts Anja, but you did a lot of quilts last year so I think you can do it.

  8. You have a great list of projects here! I can't wait to see them!

  9. I have no doubt that you will achieve these goals and more. You should change your blog to "Anja: Quilt Machine" ☺ My 2016 list is still in development. Maybe tomorrow!

  10. What ^^^ Jen ^^^ said.
    Holy Crap Girl! Do you intend to work, sleep or leave the house on any occasion???
    Good luck, soldier. If anyone can tick the boxes on a list like this, it's you!

  11. Quite the list but I know you will kill it. You had a seriously productive 2015 so I think this year will be even better for you.

  12. This is a great list! Holy cow, the threads will be flying everywhere. You've got this.

  13. Holy to-do lists! I was thinking your quilty goals were right on target ... and then I saw the other two lists *and* the nine tops to quilt. Wow. I look forward to seeing what you create at your sewing machine this year!

    BTW: I also did not complete my Glitz fabric challenge. I'm hoping to pick it up again, too. : )

  14. It's going to be an exciting year! I have a non-sewing adventure coming up and I've avoided making a to-do list. Instead I have one called "Possibilities"...ha. As my collection is quite big now, I think I'm going to step aside from big quilts for a little and work on some bags, clothes and baby quilts for gifts next. I haven't tried the Washi dress, but I've followed a few simple clothing patterns and love wearing things I made. I'm always surprised, somehow, when they end up looking like real clothes...ha.


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