Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Stash - Christmas Gifts in January

My second quilt bee, the Do-Bees, gets together for Christmas dinner in January.  It's often difficult to find time during the hectic holiday season to get together.  Our gift exchange has a set price point, and the idea is to purchase the same little gift for everyone, so we all go home with a bag of goodies.

The wonderful goodies I received were:

  • collection of fruit and vegetable fat quarters, a spool of thread, a package of needles, and chocolate
  • a pin cushion pattern (with included crushed walnut shells), glass head pins, and a fun yarn hat ornament  (*The pin cushion pattern was created by a friend, Karen @ Sugar Free Quilts.)
  • a pewter wall hook
  • rotary cutter case (filled with a zipper and selvedges), and a personalized orange charm pack from the stash of Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge 

In return, I gave my bee mates a pillow with a pieced bee on the front.  Thanks to my friend Dena for doing the math for the various pieces.

I did loop FMQ in white thread.  Didn't realize that it would be so difficult to see white thread on black and white fabric until I started...might have overlapped some quilting.

I did a hidden zippered back.  The butterfly print is a tad bold and busy, but I thought it would be fun.

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  1. Great goodies, all very useful. Love the pillows, lucky bee mates.

  2. love the pillows, Anja. Looks like your bee is a lot of fun!

  3. The pillows look great, and what awesome gifts to receive in return. It sounds like a great circle of friendship.

  4. love the Christmas in January. My friend and I do that deliberately. And I love your bee cushions.

  5. The pillows are bee-u-tiful! Fine job!
    And, what a nice batch of prezzies in return, good haul...gotta love late Christmas gifts!
    How big were the pillows?

  6. I love those bees, and it looks like you got great gifts in return.

  7. Those pillows are too cute. What a great gift to give to your Bee-mates. And it looks like you received some pretty fun things yourself. I'm not sure I've ever run across a holding case for a rotary cutter. That's a good idea.

  8. Lovely gifts! I love your bee pillows! They are so cute!

  9. Those pillows look so good on your sofa!! you should make a set for yourself. :-D

  10. Oh, my goodness, those pillows are precious! You do know how to keep busy (as a little bee)! I'm making one of Karen's pincushions right now to bring as a gift when I go to stay with an old friend this weekend. They are so irresistible! XO


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