Friday, July 8, 2016

Forgotten Friday Finish - Mini Swap

Oh my...I forgot about a finish.  Back in April, my guild (Maritime Modern Quilt Guild) did a 12-inch mini swap with Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild.

I received a wonderful plus mini made by Courtney.  And there's orange!!  It was a blind swap, but lucky me to receive some orange.

A closeup of the quilting.  Looked at the orange stripey binding.

In return, I made a Hazel Hedgehog by Elizabeth Hartman.  I didn't enjoy making this as some of the pieces were tiny, but I think I'll try the larger size block in Hazel Hedgehog II.

Simple grid quilting

It's fun to make small projects -- quicker gratification on the finish.  Maybe I'll make some more minis over the summer....hmmm....


  1. How awesome that you got such a perfect mini in the swap! Doing things on a smaller scale can be tricky, and I look forward to seeing how any future larger Hazel the Hedgehogs come together for you.

  2. Two lovely minis! And how perfect that you got a mini with orange! :) I'm on such a mini kick lately! It works well where I'm on a fabric drought, so I'm still creating lots of things with what I have. And my wall is getting decorated in the process! :)

  3. Both are lovely minis. And how lucky that you got one with orange.

  4. Both are great mini's. I still haven't made that Hazel pattern.

  5. I do love making minis! Hazel is adorable! I struggle making Hazel even in the big size!

  6. They're both wonderful. I adore making minis, too.

  7. Love the orange stripy binding!
    I agree. I have been enjoying a few quick finishes here too while my free time has been in short supply.

  8. Love the Hedgehog! Someday I may make a mini, I haven't jumped on that bandwagon yet ;)


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