Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Help! The Squirrels Have Taken Over

I think I'm a fairly intelligent woman, with some common sense.  So how is it that I am sooooooooo easily distracted by a new project???  I have more than enough projects on the go, but yet in the past two weeks, I've felt the need to make two new items.

First up, a drawstring bag to hold my tap and jazz shoes.  The night before the first class, I decided I needed a bag...even though I probably have 40 (likely more) bags and totes in my house.  This is an awesome tutorial by In Color Order -- Lined Drawstring Bag.  You can purchase the pattern if you want a variety of sizes.

And then I decided I needed something new to hold the many cards from my wallet.  When my faithful wallet finally fell apart, I couldn't find anything that held everything.  So I've downsized to a simple wallet but needed something for all the cards.  I found the Mega Credit Card Wallet tutorial.

The wallets holds 38 cards.  The inner section holds 24 cards -- 6 cards on each of four sides.

And the two outer sides hold 7 cards each.

I may have sewn one of the fabric pieces wrong side out.  Oops.  But this was a good learning experience.  I think I'll make a few modifications for the final version that I will use.

Sandra @ Musings of a Menopausal Melon holds a monthly link up -- Drop Everything and Make It!

P.S.  I'm not going to tell you about the new pattern I bought....hours after telling a friend that I was NOT going to start any new projects.


  1. LOLOL those squirrels have sure got hold of you! I own one of those drawstring bags, made for me by a dear friend/blog reader. Someone once told her husband, and me, and everyone around, that a girl can never have too many bags! He'd commented about her or maybe it was me, buying another one. I've always remembered that! The wallet is great, will check out the pattern, love your fabric. Is that an IKEA card I spy right at the top ready to whip out next time you happen to be sidetracked over to it?! Talk about squirrels! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I've got start-itus at the moment! New things keep getting started, the UFO's and wip's are getting ignored!

  3. sometimes we just get that urge to start another something don't we - I am trying so hard to finish two that are near the end (binding on one, applique border on another) but I still have 3 hexie projects on the go, one piecing and one wool applique - and I feel the urge to start another - I am trying very hard to resist this urge - I need to finish a couple of these first!! (and of course one UFO that I keep saying I will get back to and somehow doubt)

  4. Both your squirrels are useful, and one can never have too many bags. I have made a few drawstring bags for my granddaughters dancing shoes.

  5. Squirrel projects are just some of my favorites!

  6. Sometimes a squirrel project is the best way to refresh and get excited about something else. The wallet looks handy, and how happy is that bag for your tap and jazz shoes?

  7. I love squirrel projects, and am also easily distracted! I've had fun making the lined drawstring bags, too, but have never tried a wallet or cardholder. I'm definitely going to go check out that pattern!

  8. That is a double dose of disorders, Anja. You have the Bag-it syndrome along with a seasonal affliction of the Dreamis. Love each one of your squirrels :-D
    You will emerge happy and fulfilled, I promise. Been there and dome that!!!

  9. I definitely think a new bag, specifically for holding your dancing shoes was in order. All those other bags, probably not for dance shoes, totally justified. I LOVE your new wallet. That hold so many cards!

  10. Once in a while, squirrel projects are such a fun way to get re-focused on your WIPs though. I love that card wallet!

  11. I can make quilts, clothes, bags, hallowe'en costumes, cakes, and a pretty fair pastry. Wallets however blow my mind. I can't even.

    Yay you!

    1. Squirrel!! Did someone say Squirrel?? I never do that, baaa haaa haaa..... 😉


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