Sunday, March 24, 2024

Project Quilting 15.6 - Irish Chain

Season 15 of Project Quilting -- hosted by Kim @ Persimon Dreams and Trish @ Quilt Chicken -- has come to an end.  There were weeks when I wasn't confident that I'd be able to make something, but I am pleased that I completed all six challenges this season.

The final theme was Irish Chain.  I decided to make a drawstring bag, using my favourite pattern, Lined Drawstring Bag by In Color Order.  I made the Project Bag size.  However, troubles followed me from start to finish.  Firstly, I was making it mere hours before today's deadline. 😉 I miscalculated the placement of the Irish chain block, and I didn't have enough fabric to fix it because I was using scraps.  So the bottom half of the block got cut off when boxing the corners.

And when I boxed the corners, I cut wrong.  And I cut the ribbon too short.

But it's finished by the deadline!  And although not a perfect bag, it will hold things.


  1. Really cute bag. The orange and blue look great with the white.

  2. Well, it's still super cute. I love the coordination of the print at the top. :) Hooray for completing all 6 challenges this year!

  3. Very cute and a useable drawstring bag is always fun!

  4. I'm behind on posts - this turned out so cute!!


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