Saturday, February 28, 2015

4 x 7 Challenge - Success on Day 28!

Thanks to Sarah over at Berry Barn Designs for hosting the 4 x 7 Challenge.

Berry Barn Designs

The challenge was to spend 30 minutes a day sewing for the entire month of February.  I am pleased to say I succeeded!!!  I was a bit skeptical at first that I'd be able to pull it off, but I broke projects down into smaller pieces and kept track on a calendar.

Day 22
Worked on the prize for my blog anniversary.

Day 23
Quilted the HST wall hanging.  FMQ didn't get the best of me this time!!  Read about it here.

Day 24
Made the binding for the HST wall hanging.

Day 25
Sewed on the binding and finished the blog prize.

Day 26
Took photographs of HST wall hanging and blog prize and did computer work (blog post, searching internet, Bloglovin').  This was my February goal for ALYOF 2015.

Day 27
Cut fabric for charity HST for Maritime Modern Quilt Guild and worked on a layout for a baby quilt.

Day 28
MMQG Sew In. Oh how a month flies by.  Sew In was awesome today!!  I pieced a baby quilt and worked on my Mini Lotus wall hanging.

The last of the owl fabric....

There was a lot of socializing and admiring of everyone's projects.  It's so great to get together with like-minded friends.

Any scrap less than 2.5 inches goes in the garbage or gifted to quilty friends.  Scrapmaster made me these wonderful tissue holders from scraps I gave her at the January Sew In.

Okay...maybe it's time to re-evaluate my view on scraps.  She creates such wonderful projects from scraps.

And so the week and February ends on a high note. Hoping that the momentum of sewing on a daily basis will stick.  I hope your February was as great as mine.


  1. Looks like you had a great week, love the HST quilt

  2. You have certainly made some wonderful progress in February, Anja. Love the baby quilt you have started piecing. And congratulations on your accomplishments in the fmq department. Your HST quilt turned out beautifully! Sure wish me and Zazzles could join you for the Sew In. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. Productive month indeed!
    And yes, you do need to reconsider your scrap standards and change your tossing habits!

  4. So glad you liked your tissue holders. Scraps make my brain go crazy! Such fun!

  5. I love how good you were about keeping track last month, Anja - you stayed so focused! And ending it with a sew in sounds like the *perfect* finish to the challenge. As for the scraps, I'm in the pass them along camp myself. They'd sit forever in my stash, but I love that I always have someone or other at my guild who'll happily take them and make cute things like your friend did with the tissue holders : )


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