Friday, February 27, 2015

I Did It!!!

I mastered FMQ!  Okay... maybe not mastered...more like it didn't get the better of me and make me cry.  Don't think FMQ and I are close friends just yet, but definitely not enemies any more.

Scrapmaster talked me down off the ledge and provided some encouragement.  So I practiced FMQ spirals, took a break to sandwich the three layers, and then practiced again.  I was ready.  So not to be overwhelmed or frustrated, the plan was just to FMQ a small section.  Section one went well, so I decided to do another section.  It was like my machine actually loved FMQ for once -- no tension issues or breaking of thread.  So decided to FMQ the entire project in one evening while things were going so well.

I am proud to reveal:

Kona Sunset Charm Pack and Kona Charcoal

Check out my fabulous FMQ!

I can't wait to get this on the wall in my sewing room.

This fabulous finish is my February goal for ALYOF and it's Friday, so showing off with:

which is being hosted by Kim over at Persimon Dreams.


  1. Congrats! Your spirals look great. I love the colors in your quilt too.

  2. The FMQ turned out really well. See what happens when you push your limits? :) Kudos to you for finishing your February goal... got a plan for next month?

  3. You own FMQ!! It really looks the quilt and colours. ;)

  4. Wow Anja! Your swirls turned out so lovely! Very impressive! Congrats on mastering them :)

  5. Congrats!! It does look like you mastered it. Your spirals look great.

  6. Anja you did fantastic FMQ! The quilt and quilting is beautiful - what a great break through!


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