Sunday, February 15, 2015

4 x 7 Sewing Challenge - Week Three Begins

Week two of Berry Barn Designs 4 x 7 Sewing Challenge ended on a high note -- there was  a lot accomplished this past week.  Having accountability and breaking projects into smaller manageable pieces is the key to success.

Berry Barn Designs

Day 8
Made a microwave soup bowl holder and trimmed Kona HST's.

Day 9
Started sewing HST's.

Day 10
Finished sewing HST's and played with various layouts.

Day 11
Pieced HST's together for finished quilt top

Wall hanging for my sewing room.

Day 12
No actual sewing as it was the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild's monthly meeting.  Received lots of quilting ideas for my HST project.  Now re-thinking my straight-line diagonal plan.  Consensus is free motion in the Charcoal sections to make the colours pop.  Hmmm...think I have been convinced to do FMQ -- just need to decide on a motif.

Day 13
Made a baby quilt from beginning to end.  Love vacation days!!!

Kona Capri for the binding.

Day 14
Sandwiched two charity quilts and quilted this one:

Inside photo because wicked storm outside.

I've been keeping track of my daily progress on a calendar to stay focused on this challenge.  Think it will become a part of my sewing routine.  It's a great way to keep track of what you're doing, and it's a good planning tool.

Thanks to Sarah for hosting this challenge!

Off to do some more sewing as I'm tired of shovelling wet, heavy snow.  Spring, where are you??


  1. Love the green in that baby quilt! The charcoal quilt is fantastic! Now that I finished the band uniforms I was making, I can finally really just concentrate on what I want to do for fun. My serger was out for repair so I was able to play with other stuff but when I got it back, I really had to get those uniforms done because there is an actual deadline. I'm excited to go wild with my HST heart!

  2. That's a great idea about the calendar - I should start jotting that down in my planner. I write a to do list for the days I work in my studio, but I don't often stick to plan, so I probably should just aim for a record after the fact! Looking forward to seeing how your HST wall hanging quilting turns out, Anja!

  3. I keep a calendar as well... or else I'd never remember what I worked on each day for my weekly wrap up! Hope you got yourself dug out... it's brutal out there!

  4. I keep meaning to make the microwavable warmer thing, You got a lot done!


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