Friday, June 26, 2020

TGIFF - Double Crossed Pattern Testing

This week's finish is one of my many quilt tops that are waiting in the queue to be quilted.  Last weekend, we had such beautiful weather that the house was unbearably hot.  So it was a good motivator to do some quilting, as my mid-arm is in the basement where it is cool.  😉

This is the Double Crossed pattern that I tested for Cindy @ Stitchin at Home, but I never got around to quilting it.  You can buy the pattern here.  I made the baby size, so the design from the two different blocks is not as prominent as in the larger sizes.

The reason I have a pile of unfinished quilt tops is that I don't know what quilting motif to use.  I overthink it and then procrastinate.  I decided to quilt all-over loops and flowers just to get it done.

I quilted my name and put a triangle in the binding like I did in my Fly This Way quilt.  That binding was sewn to the front and then hand stitched to the back.  I mostly machine stitch my binding, so I wanted to figure out how to do the triangle for that method.

I find it hard to capture the true colour of Kona Silver.

This is my favourite backing fabric -- Prisms by Studio e Fabrics -- and it's a wide-back. 

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  1. When in doubt, go with something you really enjoy quilting (or at least, that's what I try to remind myself). The quilt looks great and I like how in the baby version of Cindy's design it's a bit asymmetric.

  2. It looks great! Best of all you have another one off the to quilt pile!

  3. Turned out great Anja. Cindy has some terrific designs I can ‘see’ how this one would be cool with another row of blocks. That wide back is Prism I think yes? I have it in turquoise and had some in royal blue. It’s such a cool fabric.

  4. Oh, I like the baby version of the pattern. It looks more modern to me because the design isn't symmetrical as it is on the larger sizes. I think your loops and flowers are lovely -- great choice!

  5. I used to feel the exact same way about quilting and ended-up with a massive pile of pieced tops. And then I decided that a simply quilted finished quilt is definitely better than a pile of tops so started quilting all my tops with simple, fun designs. If I feel like doing some FMQ, I usually go for big flowers or a square meander and if I feel like using my walking foot, I will either do wavy lines or radiating lines from a focal point on the piecing. Usually turns out pretty good! :-) Your little baby quilt is really cute - I love that print you used with the solids. And that triangle is so much fun!

  6. I love what you did and you did a great job quilting it. Sometimes it is just hard, and sometimes it is just the way we are. Always better to quilt when ready than force it has been my experience.

  7. Fun quilt! I hate getting stumped too on the quilting - but I like what you did!

  8. Very pretty quilt! I like the loopy flower quilting.

  9. I struggle w/the quilting too. Lately I've been going for texture. Finished is better than perfect.

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