Monday, August 17, 2020

New Ironing Board

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I have been using an oversized ironing board from Walmart, which is 18-inches wide.

zoomed image

I've been looking for a cabinet to make my own ironing board, but I wanted something that was 36-inches high.  It is near impossible to find anything that height -- everything seems to be 32 inches or 48 inches.  I finally found this used cabinet that has shelves inside.

It's 34 1/4 inches high, 16 inches deep, and 48 inches in length.  And only cost $30.

I purchased a pre-cut piece of wood ($10) that is 24 x 48 inches and covered it with two layers of batting and this fun cotton canvas/decor weight fabric (no clue what was in my stash).  So I placed the cabinet 4 inches away from the wall, so the ironing board hangs over 4 inches on each side.  I was hoping for a length of 50 to 56 inches, but I didn't want to deal with cutting a huge piece of wood down to the size I wanted.

Unfortunately, I purchased press wood and not ply wood, so I have a strong scent of wood in my house.  And with my allergies to grass and trees, it's not a great situation.  It's been recommended that I let it sit outside in the sun all day to help alleviate the smell.

Even with the smell and it not being quite 36 inches high, I love my new ironing board!


  1. Fingers crossed the smell decreases quickly. Having a large, sturdy ironing board is such a treat!

  2. I hope putting it outside works! What a nice idea for an ironing table.

  3. Wow $30 for that cabinet is a great bargain! Hopefully the smell of the press wood will dissipate quickly. I have a 30x50 piece of plywood covered that sits on top of my old metal ironing board...ah, I'd love a nice cabinet instead.

  4. Hope the smell decreases as that is a great ironing board, not to mention storage!

  5. It looks great, Anja! Have you filled the shelves, yet??

  6. That will be a great ironing station! I hope the smell goes away quickly!

  7. Congratulations on your new ironing board! I have a big one on casters with 2 Ikea cabinets and LOVE it. It will move if I PUSH it, but otherwise, it stays in place! Hopefully your wood smell goes away! Allergies are No fun!

  8. Great job at making an ironing board from a $30.00 cabinet. I’m looking forward to see the goodies you store in the cabinet. I may need to mail you a little something to put in that cabinet.

  9. Boo for the smell, but otherwise it's pretty awesome! I'm looking forward to the day I have room for one of these.


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