Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Retreat Hangover

Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge used the phrase "retreat hangover" this morning.  I never knew such a thing existed, but it perfectly describes how I'm feeling today.  Maritime Modern Quilt Guild hosted its first-ever sewing retreat this past weekend, and I sewed like a crazy woman for three days.  Who knew I could stay up until 1:00 a.m. sewing...after having sewed all night long.  But now I am paying the price for all that fun -- exhausted beyond belief and woke up with a cold.

In case you missed my Instagram posts over @anjaquilts, here's a peek at what I was working on.

This is a tutorial by Jayne @ Twiggy and Opal.  I used some mini charm squares from my stash with some Kona Snow.

25 inches

Since this is a scrap project, I'm linking up with Scraptastic Tuesday @ She Can Quilt.

I also finished piecing my blocks for my Notched quilt -- a great tutorial by Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl.

37 inches

We had three retreat mystery projects.  But not a mystery to me because I helped organize them.  Guild member and friend Dena created a paper pieced pattern of our guild logo.  I hate paper piecing, but I decided to be a team player and make one.  This project reinforced my hate of paper piecing, and I will not be trying it again.  I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. on Saturday to finish it because I couldn't bear to look it again on Sunday morning.  It took me several tries on both Friday and Saturday to get it finished.

9 inches

My quilt bee is starting a round robin project.  Our 8-inch centre medallion is due this Thursday.  I attempted to downsize the Night Sky pattern.  It didn't work, and my medallion is 10 x 12 inches.  Oops.....

The second mystery project was the Goody Goody Binding Bag by Lella Boutique.  I don't put my binding on by hand (who has the patience or time for that), but I thought this was so cute.

I received these fabrics from Sandra @ Musings of a Menopausal Melon and Julie @ Pink Doxies.  I want to make another one -- maybe with another zippered pouch instead of a pocket.

7 x 16 inches

We had a power hour on Saturday to see how many charity blocks could be made.  Our guild is making quilts for our local children's hospital.  In one hour, enough blocks were sewn to make three twin-sized quilts (80 blocks each).  There was some mad crazy sewing going on.  Prizes were awarded to the top three members who made the most blocks.  I'm was very happy and blessed to have made 37 blocks in one hour and won a sewing tote to carry my sewing machine.

As tired as I am, I am already thinking about our next retreat..which is not even scheduled.  LOL  There was lots of laughter.  Lots of projects made.  But most importantly, great fellowship and members helping other members.  I belong to an awesome guild.

Time for bed.......  

Big shout out to our retreat sponsors:

Maritime Sponsors

Bridgewater, Dartmouth, Halifax, Greenwood, New Glasgow, and Truro

Avonport, NS

Elmsdale, NS

Patch Halifax
Halifax, NS

Canadian Sponsors


  1. I can only imagine the fun that you guys had! It sounds like a blast sewing into the see hours with friends. :) I love the idea of a power hour for the charity blocks!

  2. Awesome! Glad you all had such a great time! I actually love paper piecing and I am surprised that you dislike it so much. I love the look of the MMQG logo. And great job on making those charity blocks.

  3. Wow, that sounds like an amazing time. And 37 blocks in an hour?? Anja, you totally rock! I love seeing Jayne's quilt and Notched here, too. :)

  4. Sounds like you had a great time. What a great idea of power sewing charity blocks, might have to adopt this one for my guild.

  5. Tired? I can only imagine! What a great time you must have had with all your quilty peeps. And you were so productive! I am not a fan of paper piecing either, but your logo block turned out beautifully. Very cool!

  6. I feel tired just reading about what you got up to! Congrats on the 37 blocks for charity. Love the scrap project and all the others! Thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  7. It was such a great weekend! Love all your projects. You and your committee did an awesome job of organizing the retreat. See you next year!

  8. 37 blocks??? More than two per minute? That's wild. Sounds like a really fun weekend. :-)

  9. Fun, fun and more fun. 37 blocks, was there a fire or smoke alarm going off? Love your projects especially Notched.

  10. Oh my goodness! I can't believe how much you got done in one weekend! The process may not have been much fun, but I love the logo block. What will you do with it now? And congrats on the win for your 37 blocks. Oh, and your Night Sky may be too big, but it looks great :) I hope you recover quickly, and the cold goes away.

  11. I am so happy that you finished the logo block. Although I suspect you only tried it for two reasons...1) there was a chance for a prize and 2) I would not have been quiet had you not at least tried my block. LOL. Cannot wait until our next adventure.

  12. I'm still stuck on the 37 blocks in an hour. You deserved a prize for that one. Great projects and it sounds like the retreat was a complete success.

  13. You go girl! I've always thought you were one of the most productive quilty people I have met, so I'm not surprised you won the most blocks made in an hour. That's pretty darn impressive. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Glad you had lots of fun and hope you are able to catch up on rest quickly. Who says quilters don't know how to have a good time and live on the edge? I think both you and Jenn's quilty hangovers prove otherwise.

  14. I had such a sense of deja vu looking at the binding bag. Because I have the same fabrics :-) How long did that take? The Night Sky block is very impressive Anja. And even though you hated paper piecing I love the little blue boat. It is cute. Hope you get some rest over the weekend.

  15. I put my binding on by hand (but I am a bit of an oddity, I admit).
    An 8-inch medallion centre is tiny. Are you sure they cannot accept slightly larger? It looks so lovely.

  16. Oh you make me want to pack up my stuff and find my homies and sew with them today, lol. What a wonderful post to read, Anja! What a TREAT to see the pink and black fabrics in a project! Will check out that pattern. Your Night Sky resize looks terrific IMHO, as does your sailboat. You should check out Canuck Quilter Joanne's tute on paperless pp...

  17. Better late than never...OMG...retreats are a total hangover! You were a busy lady and finished so many things!


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