Sunday, April 15, 2018

Finish Along 2018 Q2 Goals

I successfully finished all my Q1 goals for Finish Along 2018, and now it's time to declare my goals for Q2.

1.  Banner Year - I tested this pattern for Andrea @ 3rd Story Workshop.  Time to decide on a quilting motif and get this finished.

2.  Becca Bags - I've decided to use my New Zealand fabric to make some Becca Bags.

3.  Maritime Modern Quilt Guild Executive Challenge - A bunch of traditional blocks were put in a bag.  I ended up with Churn Dash.  The challenge is to make it modern.  It has to be a minimum of 200 inches in circumference.  I have a plan all drawn out, and I think I have the fabrics chosen.

4.  Wonton by Jaybird Quilts - I have a long list of WIPs that need to be finished, but yet yesterday, I decided I wanted to start yet another new project, so went shopping for fabric.  In my own defence, my LQS was having 34% off quilting cotton and wide backing.  I had to support them in their birthday month.  I may have supported them twice yesterday.  😂

It was this print that caught my eye -- I think I prefer the darker version.  The collection is Urbanista by Belinda for Studio e Fabrics.

Linking up with Izzy @ Dizzy Quilts.


  1. Oh Boy!!! New Zealand fabrics, and you have a friend down here. I know they will be part of a beautiful bag. The one on the bottom right, I used some of that to go into a bag that went to a friend in Colorado, so it is one that is so good at travelling from NZ to up North.!!!

  2. Good list! Totally doable right? :-) Love the fabric haul - and I think I prefer the dark too!

  3. Supporting your LQS is a must, at least that is my excuse.

  4. There is a lot you can do with a churn dash block. That project sounds like fun!

  5. Great list, and well done on finishing 100% of the previous list. As for the churn dash, it's not my favourite but I do love it on point. Good luck!

  6. I love your list...and the full variety of fabrics. Are you making good progress? On behalf of the 2018 global FAL hosts, thank you for participating in the FAL.


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