Friday, July 6, 2018

TGIFF - Plus Playtime

And so ends the wonderful Plus Playtime QAL being hosted by Sandra @ Musings of  Menopausal Melon.  You can get still the pattern by clicking here.

I used the following Kona solids:  Corn Yellow, Curry, Kiwi, Peapod, Water, Celestial, Torch, Bright Peri., Rich Red, Candy Pink, Flame, Dark Violet, and Honeysuckle.

I experimented taking photos at different times of day, at different locations around the yard.  I still need some work on getting great photos.  This photo was taken at my work.

This is from later in the day when the sun was not so bright.  That didn't work so well.

This is a great pattern, that pieces together quickly.  I decided to use the same quilting motif on my first version of Plus Playtime.  But this time, I didn't think through thread colour choice.  Quilting loops in white thread on a background fabric with white swirls...the quilting disappeared.  Oh well.

A mid day photo in the backyard.

I'm trying to use props more often in my photos and not the usual hanging on the clothesline pose.  This is one of the offices at my work.

This was first thing in the morning in the front yard.  I still have lots of experimenting to do.

I'm linking up my finish with Sandra:

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  1. A great finish! Getting better photos is a challenge for me too and something I'm working on.

  2. Such a fun quilt Anja! And I love that you’re trying different settings for your photos - finding the good spot along with perfect lighting can be so difficult and definitely something I need to work on.

  3. Hi Anja! This turned out great. I am wondering which one reflects the truest colors? I have been experimenting a bit with different photos and haven't found the best one yet. Really nice finish! Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. It does take some time to experiment and find what works best for you with both quilting thread and photography, doesn't it? I like the mid day photo in your yard. :) Congratulations on another finish. Do you have plans for this one?

  5. Love all the Kona colours. It’s sometimes hard to get that perfect shot.

  6. It is amazing how the colors change from early morning to midday or from sunny to cloudy. Your Plus Quilt looks beautiful in all light situations :-) I usually take a 100 pictures and use 5 :-p

  7. Make sure to link up both for prizes right? I just love this one, and I think the thread choice is just fine! Funny how we 'cotton on' (ha pun not originally intended) to one quilting motif (for me I have two, feathers and this open flower and leaves and loops meander) and go back to it over and over. Thanks so much for participating, Anja, and for making not one but TWO and finishing both!!

  8. Beautiful finish! I love that you are experimenting with your quilty pictures. Part of the fun is taking your quilt on an adventure and letting it shine :)

  9. beautiful quilts, and beautifully finished. I have got stuck in my quilting, got waylaid in making a wedding scrapbook album for my son and his wife. All of a sudden their trip over is very soon. I will link up anyway and finish after.

  10. It's a beautiful version of the quilt and I like that you are experimenting with photography. I've had a lot of photos that look like the second snap.

  11. First thing in the morning in the yard is the best picture I think for colour, or the office on the chair. I get frustrated by photographing my quilts - I'm a quilter dammit, not a photographer. But now I have to be both.

  12. I think the photography worked out fine. It is difficult to find the right time of day and the right light and no wind, etc. I love the bright colors and the cheerful finish in both quilts. Great finishes.

  13. Both versions are great!
    I think the front yard picture worked best. Is it closest to the actual colours?
    Isn’t photography a pain? I sometimes think of taking lessons, but they would eat into my sewing time!


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