Wednesday, February 6, 2019

WIP Wednesday - Hand Pieced QAL

Who would have thought that I'd enjoy hand piecing...definitely not me.  😊

Patty @ Elm Street Quilts is co-hosting Hand Pieced QAL with Kristin @ Simple Handmade Everyday.

This is last week's block.  I did not enjoy the HSTs.  My block is a little wonky and not quite 6.5 inches.

Oddly, I did enjoy the flying geese.  It took a long time to mark the seam allowance on all those little triangles.  But then the piecing went fairly quickly.

Here are all three blocks together.  I'll be doing the on-point layout.

I wonder what we'll be making next week.

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  1. I find it interesting to learn what everyone likes more as they are doing handwork versus normal piecing (isn't that backwards of how you prefer normal piecing?). Great progress and how awesome that you are enjoying the hand work!

  2. Your blocks look great. Mine looks a little wonky this week, and is a little less than 6.5 inches too. Great work

  3. Love your blocks! I haven’t started mine yet but I’m enjoying seeing what others are doing with theirs.

  4. Those are so pretty - love the colors! My blocks for this QAL are also a bit small, and I haven't figured out why that's happening. I suppose consistency is a good thing!

  5. I'm not a hand piecer so I applaud your efforts, wonky or not. And those colors! So pretty. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  6. These look great! How interesting that you enjoyed geese more than HST. Thanks for linking up with the Hand Pieced QAL!

  7. Your blocks look great! It's interesting that you preferred piecing the flying geese over the HSTs.


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