Sunday, March 21, 2021

Project Quilting 12.5 - Ab Intra

And just like's the end of Season 12 of Project Quilting, which is hosted by Kim @ Persimon Dreams and Tish @ Quilt Chicken.

When I read this week's challenge, I thought:  I'm Out.
This week for your project I’m asking you to look within.  Ab intra is a Latin phrase (therefore. also used in modern legal terms) that means “from within.” Its opposite, ab extra, is “from outside.” 
Show us what it’s like inside to live in your unique body. What boundaries do you stay within? Who are you inside your social bubble (family, career, society)?  How about a wearable art piece – any clothes you’d like to make where you’ll end up literally inside the finished project?  Or, show us the internal spark that fires your creativity! What’s in your sketchbook or rolling around in your head?

What does that mean?  And how am I going to create something?  I stopped thinking about the challenge and resigned myself that I would not finish this season.  But then on Thursday, a thought crossed my mind.  I remembered the Zen pattern I received from participating in Melissa Marginet's Zoom class on walking foot quilting.

I used a blue background to represent Girl Guides of Canada.  I was a youth member and am currently an adult member serving on the Nova Scotia Provincial Council.  I can't remember which Kona colour this is because I repurposed it from the 2019 Summer Sampler, and it seems I did not label the fabric.

I used Orange thread from Connecting Threads because...well, I love orange.    And there's a lot of thread in this 17-inch quilt.

This was a good practice of the techniques I learned in the class.  And I'm pleased to say that I was able to participate in all six challenges for Season 12 of Project Quilting:


  1. It's a stunning piece, Anja. The quilting is wonderful and I certainly appreciate the orange thread and how it contrasts beautifully with the navy blue. There is a lot of you tucked into this mini. <3

  2. Looks fantastic!!! Congrats on finishing all 6 challenges! :-)

  3. Your orange thread is perfect for this project! Love it Anja!

  4. I knew that your insides are orange but I am pleasantly surprised that your insides are so beautiful :-) Love your workmanship.

  5. Anja, this is stunning. You made a wonderful interpretation of the challenge. Congrats to you!!

  6. This is gorgeous! The quilting is amazing!

  7. Such a perfect piece for this challenge. Congrats on it and the finish!

  8. Wow! This is absolutely stunning Anja. Congrats on completing the whole challenge!


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