Sunday, December 15, 2019

Last Minute Christmas Sewing

I had a big oops moment...I forgot I told a customer I'd make a Cargo Duffle by Noodlehead.  The fabric managed to get buried in my sewing room.  Guess it's time to re-organize.

I'm following the tutorial/QAL hosted by Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty that features a lining for the bag.  I made this one for myself earlier this year.

The first step is making the outside pockets.

Clover chaco liner for marking my quilting lines.  The lines from the Hera marker were too faint.  The polka in the background will be the lining for inside the pockets and inside the bag.

I'm playing along with the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge, but it is not going well.  This is only my 7th post in 15 days.  That's not quite 50%, but I'm okay with it.


  1. Oh man, it is so easy for projects to get buried in the quilting room. I think that's how some UFO's are born. No UFO here. Can't wait to see this one all finished up!


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