Monday, July 30, 2018

You're Invited

In partnership with Anagram Interactive, I was given an opportunity to do a review for Paperless Post.  I was given free coins to play around the site and to provide a review.  Please note that this is my honest review based on my experience.

Paperless Post is a great site to create invitations, birthday cards, etc.  There are lots of free options, and there are lots of great options to customize your card.

The Post Box lists all your invitations, including your drafts.  From here, you can see who has responded to your invitation.

Once you have chosen your template, you can customize the text, the font, the background colour -- the possibilities are endless.

Here's the draft of my 50th birthday party.  I had to postpone my party and details are not yet finalized.

It's easy to upload or copy and paste the e-mail addresses for your invitees.  You can also update your guest list and send out additional invitations.

You can preview your invitation before sending, but I love that you can send yourself a test invitation.  This gives you the opportunity to see exactly what your guests will receive.

You can even customize the inside of the envelope, if you choose to include an envelope.  I think the envelope is a nice touch.

I encourage you to head over to Paperless Post to take a look.  There are also greeting cards, thank you cards, and stationery.  It's a great way to save on printing and postage costs.


  1. Looks interesting! Have a fun party!

  2. Interesting post. I have received invitations like this for showers and such. Happy Birthday Anja. I hope you have a great party.

  3. These types of invites and cards are becoming really popular and they are good time savers. Plus less waste of paper. Very nice!

  4. Hmm, looks very cool! I used to subscribe to Jackie Lawson, fabulous e-cards she makes.


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