Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Stash - Free Fabric

Sunday Stash is being guest hosted by my friend Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge.

I participated in the Craftsy Sweetens Up My Quilting Life Blog Hop hosted by Musing of a Menopausal Melon and Pink Doxies back in February.  Here is the blog hop schedule in case you missed it.

We received some wonderful fabric from Sandra and Julie as a thank you.  Fabric in the mail is great, but free fabric in the mail is even better!  Especially when it's so unexpected.

Julie has been hand-dying fabrics, so she sent some fat eighths of her wonderful creations.  I wish I could say that the button does apply to me, but I'm trying to reduce my stash.

Sandra put together the black and pink collection....hearts because she loves us...well, I least I thinks she does....

The charm pack was a joint effort and includes fabrics from designers such as April Cornell, Sandy Gervais, Aneela Hoovey, Tula Pink, MoMo, and Phillip Jacob.  It's a good thing Sandra and Julie shared that information because I don't pay attention to things like that.  And I only know the name Tula Pink.

Thanks, Sandra and Julie.  I don' know what I'll be making, but it will be something that I can use to remind me of both of you.


  1. Agreed. Free fabrics are awesome. As are one of a kind, hand dyed ones. Thanks for linking up with Sunday Stash!

  2. Your quote is perfect for the friendships we make through the online community. Enjoy the fabric

  3. Those hand dyes are beautiful! What a great addition to one's stash at any cost, but to be gifted, that's wonderful!

  4. Wow! Those are fabulous fabrics, especially the hand-dyed ones!

  5. I love the button they sent you :) Great stash additions for sure.

  6. Free fabric is always such a wonderful treat. Congratulations!

  7. Nice additions to your stash.


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