Sunday, March 10, 2019

Project Quilting 10.5 - Abecedarius

It's the fifth week of Project Quilting -- just one more challenge to go for this season.  This week's theme was Abecedarius.  I had a few thoughts on what to make, but I kept changing my mind.  I finally made a decision around supper time on Saturday.  I wanted to make something practical, and I didn't have a need for any more quilts or wall hangings.

So...monogrammed tote bags for my nieces.  I found this tutorial online.

I forgot to box the corners on the bottom of this bag...oops...and I wasn't undoing any stitching to fix it.  I don't like the handles made with fleece.  It took forever to turn the tube inside out, and they're floppy.  I think I'd use cotton webbing next time.

I made the letters using Alphabet Soup by Jaybird Quilts.  I used Kona Purple.

I remembered to box the corners on this bag.  I used Kona Honeysuckle.

When they come to visit, there are lots of bags of lots of stuff.  So now they have personalized bags.  It's very stressful to Auntie trying to figure out which diaper belongs to which niece.  LOL

Linking up with Persimon Dreams before today's deadline.

I plan to sew today, but hoping to sneak in a nap this afternoon -- darn the time change.  😫  Although I'll be happy to see more daylight.


  1. What a great solution for when they come to visit you. I hope you get to see them again soon!

  2. Love the coloring of your letters!

  3. I guess if auntie puts the too big nappy on the wrong niece it will fall down around her ankles in no time! Great solution.

  4. These are super cute! I love the initial monograms and the kid prints on the bottoms are fun. I'm sure they will love these bags!!


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