Sunday, December 2, 2018

Day 2 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

It's Day 2 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge, and I have a little something to share with you.

Progress is slow on my many WIPs, but I continue to work through my list.  These are some 4-inch HSTs I had floating around.  I'm not sure how they came about, but I know the inspiration is from my Stash Bee HST Quilt.

I decided not to plan the layout, so I pulled blocks from the pile and put them on my design wall.  These are all Kona, but I can't find where I wrote down all the names.

I did "cheat" a little.  I saw the beginning of this black check mark, so I moved one block to complete the check mark.

This is just a small baby quilt, 24.5 x 28 inches.  A little something for the car seat or stroller.

I think this will be a Christmas gift for my new niece who is arriving tomorrow by C-section.  I gave her sister a black, white, and orange quilt last year.  Just need to figure out a quilting plan.


  1. What a great idea to just pull and place on the design wall randomly. It also seems timely to gift to your niece!

  2. I love how you just put them on your wall and played! A great quilt for your niece.

  3. Excellent quilt! And is Aliyah getting a sister? Hope it all goes well for the mum and family.

  4. I love the black check mark! It's a nice, subtle detail :)

  5. I really like the random layout. Isn't it funny that no matter how random, your eye always starts to pick up patterns?


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