Sunday, December 16, 2018

I Have Too Much Stuff!!

Sooooo...I continue to fail on one particular goal I set each year -- organize my sewing room.  I set this goal for 2016, 2017, and 2018.  As we come to the end of 2018, I am finally making progress!!!

My sewing room is a spare bedroom.  I had previously removed the sliding doors on the closet.  I am getting shelves built (hopefully before Christmas) inside the closet.  I am embarrassed at the amount of stuff I had jammed into the closet, so you only get to the see the empty closet.  😉

I finally went through the piles of batting scraps.  They are now labelled by size, and I have a list.  No more opening a new package of batting until I check my list.

I have a small table behind my sewing room (that currently is covered with stuff) that is meant to hold the bulk of quilts as I sew.  Underneath the table is a pile of batting.  I use Hobbs Premium 80/20 batting that I buy at Michaels when they have a 50% or 55% coupon.  It seems that I got carried away with myself, and I have 30 to 35 packages of queen batting (all underneath the table).  And as I type, I realize that I have an additional 10 packages on the top shelf of the closet (see above photo).  Clearly I need to stop buying batting.......

I am not going to show you the rest of my cluttered sewing room.  Maybe I'll start 2019 with a tidy, organized sewing room.

✔ Day 16 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge.


  1. Holy crap Anja that is possibly too much batting! You can however justify it by knowing you'll be very warm in a power outage. �� Maybe sell some on to your guild mates for cost? But yay for getting organized. You can do it!

  2. That is a lot of batting, but you make a lot of quilts! I think it's really smart to have catagorized all the batting scraps that you have. Great idea. :)

  3. Anja, your batting reminds me of a story. Along time ago, 15+ years, I made a charity block for a contest at WalMart where the prize was $300 in batting. I told my husband about it and he said, "What you gonna do with all that battin?" To this day, whenever I get batting, he asks the same thing..."What you gonna do with all that battin?"

    Looks like you are making progress on you sewing room! Great job!

  4. This made me laugh, I only had a little batting left. I buy it off the roll in a local shop by the metre. The last batting I had made my eyes itch and I had to throw it out. I currently have a batting free house

  5. Those piles of batting made me laugh! Not that I can talk, really...I have 8 king size battings in the spare room along with a big box of scraps. No batting needed here for a whie, either :)

  6. You have a lot of batting! I like how you are keeping a record of batting scraps that's a great idea.

  7. Besides the little left over scraps the only batting I have in my house belongs to the quild and I go through that putting it into kits pretty quickly. I will be buying a roll along with two friends but I won't be housing it. though. I have asked my husband to make me shelves for the closet in my room for my Christmas present so maybe we can share photos of our new arrangement. I'm hoping to get the majority of the guild suff out of my house by the summer so hopefully that works out well. I'm looking forward to seeing your clean and organized room.

  8. Until I saw all those rolls of batting I was going to suggest you join some of those scraps!!! I’m guessing that would be a waste of time!!! Maybe you could line your walls with it. It would make great insulation!


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