Saturday, December 22, 2018

Organized Sewing Room

On Day 22 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge, I have better storage in my sewing room.  I am so happy I finally got around to dealing with the mess that is my sewing room.

I removed everything (and boy was it a lot of stuff) from the closet in my sewing room.  It was jammed full from top to bottom.

A friend built some shelves for me.  After discussion, he felt that it was better to install an adjustable shelving system.  That way, the height of the shelves can be adjusted.  And if the room reverts to a bedroom in the future, it would be easy to remove the shelves.  He installed three 48-inch uprights ($20.32 each from Home Depot).

He installed 12 brackets (four on each of the three uprights) ($7.84 each from  Home Depot, for a total of $94.08).

The four shelves cost $9.87 from Home Depot (total of $39.48).  It is so much better than I imagined!

It's definitely not fully organized, but I've got all the stuff off my cutting tables. And it's easier to see all my WIPs (in scrapbook boxes).  There's still a lot more work to do to finish organizing the entire room, but this is a great start.  I need to get a few more containers to keep things neat and tidy.

My friend only charged me for the materials -- $194.52 plus 15% tax = $223.70.  Money well spent.

The room almost seems larger because there's not so much clutter on the tables.


  1. It looks fantastic! I’ve found that for me, out of sight is out of mind. So I need to see what I have or it doesn’t get used.

  2. Wow, what a difference the shelves make. It looks great!

  3. Oh I do like the shelves, you can see everything at a glance. I like the scrapbook boxes for wip, they are the best in my opinion.

  4. It looks like a great system, Anja! I love shelves for making it easier to use a big space like a closet, and those boxes are wonderful for WIPS. Good luck with the rest of the organizing and enjoy your feels-larger sewing room :)

  5. What a wonderful gift for yourself!! Enjoy your newly improved room!

  6. That is an awesome makeover!!! I bet you found things you didn't know you had - and now you can see them so easily!!


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